Gestalt Asset System (Teaser)

After considering my own experience and talking to many other indie developers who primarily work within the Unity ecosystem, it is my opinion that most assets in the asset store are not designed to deliver the value that people initially expect when purchasing assets.

If you believe that the value that you get from an asset is that you can import it into your existing project, that it will just work, that it will be supported, maintained, and updated by the original developer, with no negative impact to your ongoing project, you won't get that most assets on the asset store today.

The Gestalt Asset System is built to solve for that.

Our approach is simple:

  • we will build, QA, and certify a growing number of assets across multiple game themes
  • we will ensure that all of our assets will "just work" in any of the game themes which they are designed for
  • we will guarantee that all of our Gestalt Asset System assets work together in the same project.
  • we will test and certify all of our assets across the most recent release and LTS versions of Unity within a guaranteed time frame

So the end goal is this: When you buy Gestalt Asset System certified assets, you know that they will work together, that their behavior will "just work", and that they will work without error on the version of Unity you are building your game in.

❔💥Interested in knowing more? Reach out to us on the front page and mention the Gestalt Asset System in your message.