Music Portfolio

30 Minute Trial - Jan 17th, 2021

Where I try and write a song in 30 minutes. Actual amount of time on this song is closer to 3 hrs.

Vocalize + Roli (v5, all phrases, LANDR mastered)

An alternate take on the same track as above, but with no "lead" vox. Primarily made for me to hear and study the other parts of track.

A Third take on the same track, with only the ambiance, again primarily for me to study the pieces in isolation.

Bebiddy Bop (LANDR mastered)

Around the Goose (v3, no master)

SongYi Trippin (v1, basic mastering)

Tron Like Intro (v2, basic mastering)

An alternate take where the scene opens up to a view of the ocean.

Vocalize 001 (v2, no mastering)

Dreamland Isn't Here (v2, no mastering)

Untitled Atmospheric - November 2016 (2020, no mastering)

Some Ancient History

Perhaps the oldest solo piano original piece I still have recorded

Taken in one session, improvised and recorded on a weighted hammer action midi controller, direct into midi, then mixed down here. Done somewhere in the late 90s.

And the oldest game inspired, heavy metal infused collaboration I could find

Guitar is all Chris Stewart. I did ... other stuff ... to the track. This was 2001, if the filename is at all sensible.

Two of the few surviving XM (mod) tracks from my song hacking back in the 90s

Mellow Fire.xm